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Mayako Performance Community Membership

Annual Membership benefits include discounted cars ($379), parts (-20%), Members Only category in shop for exclusive parts, video conference access etc.
  • Product Code: MPC-Annual
  • Availability: In Stock

$419.99 Ex Tax: $419.99

PLEASE NOTE: Prototype expected to ship out in August

マヤコMayako is not for everyone. In fact there will only be one batch of a limited quantity of cars produced each year. Mayako's approach is very different to the current brands. This is not a car for everyone, this is a car for people who want to be a part of something more, who love working on their cars, building them, wrenching, setting them up, testing, improving them and of course racing. People who love this side of the hobby, and who want the best possible performance. People who want a car that will be developed to be different from the others on the market, with exceptional after sale support. Mayako is building a community that you can be a part of, to whatever extent you choose, just as a car owner, or an active participant.

The best way to enjoy your マヤコMayako is to become a member.

Membership Benefits Include:

1. Value Add Ons for 1st kit purchase. (Vary due to time of purchase, partner brand discounts, free products, subscriptions etc)

2. Discord Server Access: Live chat/voice calls/video calls. Bi-Weekly Zoom Video Call

3. Kits $379.99, Parts 20% discount.

4. Exclusive merchandise, hat/shirt/stickers. Not available to non members.

5. Exclusive Grey Wing not available to non members.

6. Members Only Section in web shop, for early releases, unique members only parts, and prototypes.

7. Other benefits coming. Current members have the ability to be a part of creating them, as well as the direction of car and brand development.